Tilgmann Group is a business concentrated on package materials, currently consisting of five companies in Finland and Sweden.

Aleksanterinkatu 46 A
FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland
+358 20 719 9540


CEO, Magnus Höglund


Chief Operating Officer, Hannu Alalauri


Chief Financial Officer, Kai Simberg


The head office of Tilgmann Group is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Magnus Höglund

Magnus serves as the managing director of Tilgmann. In this capacity he is responsible for the operational activities and strategic direction of the firm.

Prior to Tilgmann, Magnus spent 20 years working with Bain & Company specialising in packaging materials with a focus on solving operational, organisational and strategic challenges. He co-founded Bain’s Helsinki office in 2006 and spent prior to that over 10 years working in Bain offices around world in London, Los Angeles, Stockholm and Tokyo.

Magnus holds an MBA from INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France) and an M.Sc. in Economics (Finance major) from Svenska Handelshögskolan i Helsingfors (Helsinki, Finland).