Tilgmann Group

The Tilgmann Group is a packaging materials company with a long history as a manufacturer of printing and packaging products.

Packaging materials became a strong part of Tilgmann’s product range in the 1950s and formed a significant part of the business. Carton boxes have played a key role from the beginning and are still of interest to the Group. Naturally, the selection also included other packaging, such as flexible packaging made of plastic. Labels have reportedly been manufactured by the Group since the late 19th century.


Since the time of Amos Anderson and Oskar Öflund, the Group’s operating principle has been the so-called decentralised production model, where the company has several different production facilities. In this way, it has been possible to maintain close contact with local customers and meet their special needs. The network has been actively expanded, and if necessary reduced by taking advantage of corporate reorganizations in order to be able to respond effectively to the changing demands of the business environment and the opportunities it offers.

Tilgmann’s customer-oriented approach ensures that the various parts of the Group also remain competitive in the long term. Today, taking the environment into account has become one of the Group’s most important principles.